“Thank you so much Marnie for your hard work on another of my projects. I really feel you go above and beyond to make sure permissions are done properly and appreciate your thoroughness. It has been a pleasure working with you again. I’d have you on my projects anytime.”
—Sara Braithwaite, personal reference, Senior Product Developer, McGraw-Hill Ryerson

“I was grateful for your incredibly strong proofread of the manuscript. You provided detailed, meticulous edits—I appreciate that you caught hard-to-miss issues like the placement of each chapter heading. Your commitment to ensuring consistency in regards to the past and present tense improved the quality of the writing. You succeeded in making the necessary edits while still preserving the author’s voice. I rest incredibly confident in your editing ability.”
—Casey Gazzellone, Editorial/Production Manager, Canadian Scholars and Women’s Press

“I can’t thank you enough for your eagle eye! I’m so, so pleased with your edits. The style sheet you created is amazing. Your organization skills are wonderful. Thank you so much for your hard work, and your very clear edits. Such a pleasure working with you.”
—Tina Anson Mine, Freelance Editor

“Overall [the index] is a truly impressive piece of work! We are very pleased with the index. It would not have been an easy task to put it together, but (and?) it certainly adds an interesting dimension to the book. Many thanks to the indexer.”
—Allan K. McDougall, Lisa Philips, and Daniel L. Boxberger, Authors of Before and After the State: Politics, Poetics, and People(s) in the Pacific Northwest

“I’ve gone through your index and I think it’s excellent. It wasn’t an easy one, with multiple ways of describing similar or the same themes. Thank you for your great work!”
—Jane Springer, long-time Freelance Editor and Author of Genocide, a Groundwork Guide and Listen to Us: The World’s Working Children

“Your seminars are excellent and the association benefits greatly from them.”
—Michelle Schriver, Freelance Editor and Former Vice-Chair, Seminars, Editors Canada Toronto Branch

“I am deeply grateful that someone has provided as detailed and helpful a professional evaluation as you have.”
—R.D. Taylor, Author, A Prospect for Orenda

“I am extremely impressed with the quality of your editing.”
—Frank Zhang, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, Lehigh University